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best fikrah islam on leadership

Our Mission

We enrich Muslim leaders

with the right perspectives on Islam and societal issues, with capable leadership.

the best fikrah concerns about issue conflict of ummah leadership B

Issues, Crises & Conflicts

Examining concerns amongst Muslim leaders and activists regarding the problem of the ignorant ummah and their lacking as leaders.


Fikrah in the right context

Bringing right perspectives of Islam based on the central message of Islam and the rich treasure of original Islamic knowledge, while taking contextual factors into account.

the best fikrah capable leadership

Capable Leadership

Underlining the importance of capable leadership in addressing acute problems facing the ummah today.

Acceptance: Digital Dissemination

Emphasising the imperative of widespread recognition by leaders and activists of the main issues challenging the ummah, and their unifying solutions.

What makes a great Muslim leader? THE BEST FIKRAH. We enrich Muslim leaders with the right perspectives on Islam and societal issues, with capable leadership.