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4   S T E P S   T O   T H I N K   R I G H T   &   L E A D   W E L L .

step 1 | Comprehend

We agree with you: the condition of the Muslim ummah today is worrisome!

step 3 | Change

Rhetorics are sufficient already. How about making an actual change together, now?

Be global.

We're covering the issues of the Ummah, the Muslim Leaders, and the Daies around the world. The unity of the Ummah and the revival of Islam recognise no geographical border.

step 4 | Convey

The word has to spread. Will you help us on this?


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our project.

What makes a great Muslim leader? THE BEST FIKRAH. We enrich Muslim leaders with the right perspectives on Islam and societal issues, with capable leadership.