#EidStory: The Viral Eid Story of IKEA Germany and What It Means for Da’wah

The wish of the Muslims in the city of Wetzlar, Germany to perform the communal Eid prayer this year came true when IKEA said yes for them to utilise their spacious parking lot for that purpose.

“When some assembly is required, IKEA’s got you covered.”

Fun words aside, Muslims in the city of Wetzlar, Germany this year have a beautiful #EidStory that touched the world. 

Their wish for performing communal Eid prayer this year when most regions in the world are still in quarantine came true when IKEA said yes for them to utilise their spacious parking lot for that purpose.

IKEA is internationally known as a Swiss-origin store selling ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories.

The spectacular photo of the Eid prayer posted by the BBC journalist Abdirahim Saeed took the internet by storm. It received almost 60,000 likes and more than 14,000 retweets from both Muslims and non-Muslims.

This event also was reported on various media channels, such as BBC, al-Jazeera, The Independent (UK), The Daily Mail (UK), The National (UAE), The Daily Telegraph (Australia), The Washington Post, and NowThis.

How people reacted

People around the world came together to this tweet to express their support for this beautiful event.

“Regardless of my lack of belief/faith in organized religion, this is beautiful. People being safe with each other, and a business seeing that the space they have can be used responsibly to help the local community.”


“What a lovely sight. Hopefully people of all religions can work together and live in harmony.”


“This has just restored my faith in humanity.”


“I don’t know about everyone, but I like a world where Muslims can celebrate Eid with the help of German managers of a Swedish company and it Is shared by a London broadcaster to reach me in the American Heartland.”

Victor W. Hwang (@rainforestbook)

“Working together for solutions, accommodation and respect.”

Tom Sherwood (@tomsherwood)

The take-home message from this #EidStory for Da’wah

IKEA is already reputed for its affordable and user-friendly  products, and  this particular IKEA’s Eid  story adds to its reputation by offering a good dose of take-home messages for Da’wah, if only  you choose to see:

1. Impactful journalism as a strategy

The number of shares and engagements alone is more than enough to show how impactful the message carried by this story is to the world and how the non-Muslims are also touched by it.

The journalist Abdirahim Saeed spared some time to think why this story managed to win the heart of the mass. He pointed out some factors: the simplicity of the post, the powerful image, the great storytelling, the journalism of highlighting the solution, the message of kindness, and the perfect timing. 

Those are the factors that Daies should partake in mastering now, if not yesterday, the art of empowering the work of Da’wah.

2. Not just talk the talk, but also walk the walk

More than anything else, it is always the actions that would speak louder than words. People wanted the preaching to be implemented. People wanted the actual story of Da’wah in action, as portrayed in this story.

The Imam was moved to do something to solve the problem in his community the right way. There was a problem, and he led the action towards the solution.

Beyond preaching, he showed the exemplary result of how Muslims and non-Muslims can co-exist peacefully and help each other for good causes. This is also a good form of Da’wah.

Why spread hate for the non-Muslims when they are your mad’u first and foremost?

3. Spreading the correct narrative

The unity and strength of Da’wah and the Muslim Ummah are often shattered externally and internally by the war of narratives.

From the outside, the narrative of Islamophobia was widespread to incite everybody’s hate and fear towards Islam and the Muslims. 

From the inside, the narrative of holier-than-thou had always been an enduring narrative to weaken the unity of the Muslims, even since the era of the Caliphate.

The IKEA story is genius because it is a counter-narrative to both of those — that religions still offer hope and love amid the chaos of today’s politically motivated narratives, and that Muslims around the world, however divided, can and should come together as one for the interest of religiosity and humanity.

The massive support that this counter-narrative receives speaks for its success in benefitting Islam.

Thankfully, this year’s Eid is not only about redecorating your home, but about revamping the world we called home as guided by ar-Rasul SAW’s teaching. Isn’t he mercy for all the worlds?

Have you redecorated our world with beautiful efforts of Da’wah? If you have, we believe that your #EidStory must be a beautiful one too. How about sharing it with us?

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