COVID-19: The Real Viruses are Humans

Unbeknown to you, nature around the world is perhaps thanking Allah for this pandemic.

Carbon emission is reduced, the air pollution of China drops significantly, and the dolphins have returned to the canals of Venice. At our expense of deadly affliction and fear, nature is rejoicing for this environmental reprieve and reclaiming their place.

Which makes us wonder, what is even more dreadful than COVID-19 against humans? 

Got it. It’s us, humans, ourselves who have been transgressing against nature. Our greed in exploiting nature for immediate gain is highly virulent and contagious.

Not only is nature being harmed, the majority of humans are enslaved to the cruel cycle of capitalism. Both are being exploited by the filthy rich capitalists.

Allah has trusted (Amanah) this world for humans. He said, “I will place a vicegerent (Khalifa) on earth.” (Quran 2:30)

Succumbing to wahan (love of this worldly life), we allow capitalism to abuse nature for our fleeting gains and insatiable pleasures — and eventually, destroy it. “Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by (reason of) what the hands of people have earned…” (30:41)

Aren’t you a Khalifa? Aren’t you going to make it right? Aren’t you going to be of those who “…return (to righteousness)”? (30:41)

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