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– I am fond of expressing my ideas and thoughts through the medium of writing and in front of the camera.

– I share the concerns about the Muslim Ummah beyond political and geopolitical boundaries.

– I believe something has to be done to remedy the critical situation of the Muslim Ummah today.

– I am convinced that the Muslim Ummah’s empowerment in terms of Da’wah, Tarbiyyah, Jihad and Leadership is the way to go.

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Fit our shared concerns

Our concern is about the Muslim Ummah, the Muslim Leaders and the Muslim Daies. Read more on those concerns here.


We’re transcending the vested interests of political parties or groups in any country.

Our endless worries are about the pitiful state of the Muslim Ummah today.

Presented nicely

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  • 300-500 words
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You may send your piece to info@thebestfikrah dot com.

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Reproduction of your other existing contents

In some cases, we may approach you directly to request for your permission to republish with credit what you have written on your personal public space or social media that we deem imperative for the cause.

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Analytical & realistic

We’re not just another platform for sharing any Islamic information.

We want to connect ourselves with our reality to understand the issue at hand and offer a solution.

We are about voicing out the truth about our misconducts, no matter how ingrained they have become in the conduct of our own Muslim Leaders and Daies.

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The Central Message
  • Shahada
  • Shirk in the Modern World
  • Sovereignty
Treasure of Seerah
  • Trials and Tribulations
  • Qital
  • Daulah Islamiyyah
‘Ilm, ‘Amal and Akhlak
  • ‘Ilm
    • Quran and Tafseer
    • Hadith
    • Seerah and History
    • Politics
    • Economic
    • Social
  • ‘Amal
    • Shahada
    • Salah (Prayer)
    • Sawm (Fasting)
    • Zakat
    • Hajj (Pilgrimage)
    • Sadaqah
    • Tawbah (Repentance)
  • Akhlak
    • Truthful
    • Keeping Promise and Time
    • Amanah
    • Zuhud
    • Riya’
    • Mahram and Hijab
    • Ikhlas
Tarbiyyah, Da’wah and Jihad
  • Tarbiyyah
    • Balanced Tarbiyyah
    • Islam as ad-Deen
    • Political and Economic Theories
    • Current Affairs
    • Skill Sets: Leadership, Management, Finance, Social, Communication
  • Da’wah
    • Da’wah to Non-Muslims
    • Bil Lisan, Hal, and Digital
  • Jihad
    • Spirit of Jihad
    • Islamic Movement
    • Islamic Revival

Islam Today
  • Islam as ad-Deen
  • Political Theory of Islam
  • Economic Theory of Islam
  • Social System of Islam
  • Liberal Democracy
  • Capitalism
  • Socialism

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