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Beirut – Let Our Tears Be Worthy of You

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How will the people of Beirut recover?

It’s been more than two days already. Lebanon has suffered so much over the years. Now, more devastation is replacing what little joy that had been theirs. We can hardly imagine what they are going through right now: Two days could feel like an eternity…

The massive explosion – allegedly from 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate – killed more than 100 people, injured 4,000 and rendered 300,000 homeless (UNICEF).

As our team went through the news, we stumbled upon some curious facts that drained our emotion further:

1. The Gateway:

The centre of the explosion was from the port of Beirut. That was the entry for imported goods coming in, most importantly, their basic needs of wheat and medical supplies.

2. The Crises:

Lebanon’s public infrastructure has never been fully rebuilt since the 1975-1990 civil war and the subsequent conflicts with Israel and Syria. Lebanon was already struggling with health, economic and political crises. Prices of goods had tripled, and the value of the currency had plummeted by 80% (The Guardian).

3. The Rottenness:

Corruption and mismanagement in all sectors were already a nightmare for the nation. Local political sectarianism and the practised system of patronage networks made things worse.

4. The Troll of Solidarity:

People and authorities around the world are expressing their condolences and sending humanitarian support, the Israelis included. As if the world has forgotten that Israel has “spent the past 53 years bombing and occupying Lebanon.” (@CJWerleman)

We couldn’t imagine how the people of Beirut would get out of this tragedy. Our prayers are certainly with them, but then again, let our tears not go to waste.

What do you think our Muslim Leaders should practically do to solve the root of the Lebanese problem, that is, beyond calling for public donation and expressing prayers and condolences?

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