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#EidStory: Why Did Ar-Rasul’s Tears Flow During the Day of Eid?

It was the sunrise of Eid. People were dressing up in an auspicious and celebratory mood. The streets of Medina were filled with a festive atmosphere. At an open space at the outskirts of the city, ar-Rasul SAW arrived, glorified Allah, delivered his influential sermon and led the Eid prayer.

After they had finished, the Sahabas took some time to greet and wish each other before everyone walked back home. The children were running around and playing in excitement. 

In the midst of the Eid joyful scene, a sight of gloom caught ar-Rasul’s eyes. He SAW noticed a little boy crying by himself, separated from the group. He was sitting at the corner of the street and was weeping bitterly. His clothes were torn and he was dishevelled.

The moment ar-Rasul SAW realised the reasons why, he suddenly went into tears as well.

The reasons behind the tears

Ar-Rasul SAW came over to the little boy and bent down. He patted the boy gently on the shoulder and asked, “Why are you crying? Why are you not playing with them?”

The boy replied, without realising that the one asking was ar-Rasul SAW, “My father had passed away. He followed the Messenger of Allah in a Jihad to face the enemy, and ended up a martyr (Syahid).”

“My mother has married again and the guy took over my share of my father’s heirloom. He also chased me away from my house.”

The next part of his #EidStory could shake the core of our hearts.

“On this day, I saw my peers celebrate Eid with their fathers. Everyone seems happy. All the children have new clothes and nice food to eat, but I don’t have any clothes except what I am wearing. I have no food and no place to live. I am reminded of my father, and without him, I feel so disheartened.”

Ar-Rasul SAW immediately cried along. His heart was touched deeply to know that there were the Sahabas who defended Allah and ar-Rasul with their lives whose children were left as orphans and living a difficult life. To make it worse, the day of Eid should be the day of rejoicing and cheers. Immediately, ar-Rasul SAW held the boy’s hands dearly.

The greatest offer nobody would refuse

We already know how ar-Rasul SAW was born an orphan, and how he loved and was deeply concerned with orphans.

“I know how you feel. I lost both my mother and father when I was a little boy,” ar-Rasul SAW comforted him affectionately, causing the boy to jump up to his feet out of surprise and respect upon knowing to whom he was talking. For this special little boy, he SAW gave him an offer that no one would refuse.

“Listen to me. If I became your new father, ‘Aisha as your new mother, and Fatima as your new sister, would that make you feel better?”

“Why not, O Messenger of Allah,” the boy finally started to smile. Ar-Rasul SAW adopted him and took him home. He gave him new clothes, fragrance and food to fill his tummy. The boy was on cloud nine. He ran out of the house to join and play with the other children.

“How could I not be happy?”

His peers realised his drastic change and asked him, “You were so dirty a short while ago. How come you are so well-dressed and happy now?”

The little boy answered, “It is true. Previously I was famished, and now I am not anymore. I am full.”

“Previously I was without clothes, but look at me, now I am wearing the best apparels.”

“Previously I was an orphan, but now I have a loving family. Ar-Rasul SAW is my father, ‘Aisha is my mother, and Fatima is my sister. How could I not be happy?” he continued.

Upon knowing the story, his peers gasped and exclaimed, “If only our fathers also became martyrs, we would also be adopted by the Messenger of Allah!”

An #EidStory with a happy ending

If you are seeking an answer as to how to spend the Eid right, this #EidStory could be the one. It was a story of a new, blessed change in a  little boy’s life. 

It was also a story of ar-Rasul’s gratitude to Allah by helping those in need and sharing with the less fortunate what he was blessed with.

In other words, it was a story about expressing one’s gratitude and embracing one’s change — the exact #EidStory that we think would inspire a better Eid this year.

By the way, the boy’s name was Zuhair bin Saghir, and that was his #EidStory with ar-Rasul SAW. 

What’s your #EidStory?

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