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At different scales and strategies of Da’wah, Allah will test us differently. For sure.

A different test.

For different scales and strategies of Da’wah, Allah will test us differently without exemption.

For the huge scale Da’wah that reaches out to the masses, the fundamental strategy is how to win the hearts and minds of the people. Ironically, this strategy  also embodies the very test Daies are confronted with – the test of fame and publicity. 

For with fame and publicity comes the risk of ostentation and arrogance.

Would we still speak the truth if people don’t like it? Does being a celebrity preacher or a president of a Da’wah group boost up our feeling of superiority and supremacy? Does huge support from the masses always mean we are right?

Contrast this with the painstaking smaller scale Da’wah where Daies have to make the not-so- light effort of engaging people firsthand, with persistence and all. 

We will have to be there for them all the time as and when they need us the most. Here the key test is fortitude.

Here the test of persistence, patience and forbearance can bring us to the brink of exhaustion and breaking apart. “I’ve done more than enough!” we may say to destiny. “All those knuckleheads will never learn and repent!”.

For both scales and strategies, our intention may sway. We manage to capture people’s hearts, or we’re being persistent and patient, but unknowingly, we never do genuine Da’wah anymore but trapped in a routine.

The truth is whether big or small scale the impacts of our strategies on the people may even be worse than expected. A Daie makes a mistake once and the people judge and dump all the other Daies, and even the religion of Islam, for life.

Will we be able to pass the test smoothly? Will we remind and help each other to pass the test?

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