In Da’wah, the audience’s points of view matter.

“You know what is the most common mistake committed by the Daies?” he asked. We put our cup down. We became all ears.

We thought that sipping from a cup of tasty Durian-flavoured coffee served to us was ‘enlightening’ enough.

That was until one of his comments regarding Da’wah immediately caught our attention more.

It was last month when we were having a warm talk with a bright converted Chinese, who is now actively doing Da’wah in Singapore.

Common mistake of Daies

“You know what is the most common mistake committed by the Daies?” he asked. 

We put our cup down. We became all ears.

“It is when we preach about Islam from our point of view, without considering the audience’s points of view,” he said.

Well, of course, why would their points of view matter when they are already wrong in the first place? It is their points of view that needed to be corrected!

Or so we thought. 

Their point of view

“Do you know that the concept of Prophethood is alien to other religions, apart from Christianity and Judaism?” he invoked us.

“Even if there are some similar religious terms, it is not like the concepts underlying them are similar in their current faith and understanding.”

He explained further that our vital role, first and foremost, is to engage them and understand how they think.

Then we can deliver the invitation to Islam that they can perceive correctly and connect it with their current standing.

Suddenly we remembered a photo of a non-Muslim lady wearing a piece of cloth over her hair with the caption, “I am so halal.”

Our complacency

We realised that we are so complacent with ‘man is already created with God-aware nature’ and ‘Hidayah is up to Allah, all we have to do is invite.’

Also, ‘Islam itself is a comprehensive way of life that people will be amazed’ that we didn’t spread it effectively enough. 

Ugh, why did this Durian-flavoured coffee suddenly taste so bitter?

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