Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Being Used Against Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Xinjiang, China.

The advancement of technology in AI, especially  in terms of facial recognition, is being exploited for surveillance in China. An estimation of 300 million surveillance cameras is expected to be installed by 2020, rendering the people immobilized and living in fear.

A significant number of our 2.5 million Xinjiang Muslim brothers and sisters are being persecuted and sent to torture camps. Their faith in Islam is considered a double allegiance by the authority, and thus, a threat of disloyalty to the country.

Technology has proven useful to people’s lives. Atrocious parties make use of it to achieve their wicked goal, and yet their benevolent counterparts with good values and noble messages do not seem to make much use of state of the art technology to ‘fight back’. 

We are calling for engineers, technologists and scientists to bring forth the good use of technology for the ummah.

(News Source: Perspective, Religion, Washington Post, May 23, 2019. Image source: Reuters)

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