Where Daies Went Wrong: Too Much Preaching, Too Little Practising.

How easy it is to be all talk and do almost nothing!
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Isn’t it easy to be all talk and do nothing!

Are you one of those who preach mockery and hate of the non-Muslims from your grand podium while telling the Muslims to be great ambassadors of Islam?

Or are you one of those who preach about sincerity (Ikhlas) while commodifying this Deen for your wealth, fame and political gain?

For such Daies, Allah throws two phrases to their faces, “HAVE YOU NO SENSE? (أَفَلَا تَعْقِلُونَ)” in 2:44 and “HOW SEVERELY HATEFUL (كَبُرَ مَقْتًا)” in 61:3.

Often we are too absorbed with becoming a Daie and forget to become a devoted Muslim first. #BeMuslimFirst

So, can’t a sinner invite  towards good? Must we be perfect doers first before we’re qualified to preach? Read our thought “The Hatred of Allah for Daies Who are All-Talk , and 6 Ways to Avoid It” here: (link).

Share this reminder with our friends to improve our quality of Da’wah Ilallah! #ThinkRight #LeadWell

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