Trials and Tribulations – A tiresome twenty-three years of Da’wah.

Confronting and reforming the unIslamic practices of the pre-Islam Arabs took ar-Rasul and the Sahabas 23 gruelling years.

Trials and Tribulations – A tiresome twenty-three years of Da’wah. Yes. A tiresome twenty-three years of Da’wah.

Were the practices and culture of the pre-Islam Arabs so seriously undivine? Was it so tough that ar-Rasul SAW and the Sahabas had to exhaust their energy to introduce a change?

What you are about to read below might sound eerily familiar.

In Politics:

  • People were drained out for the wealth of the sovereigns. The latter spent the wealth lavishly, while the former were oppressed and denied their rights. 
  • For the sovereigns of Hijaz who were in charge of Kaaba and Hajj, their ‘religious’ rule was a turnaround between religiosity, material accumulation and greed for power. 
  • The tribe was always the epicentre of principle and action, supporting their members under the name of pride even when their tribe was on the corrupted side.

In Society: 

  • Women were largely at the convenient disposal of men and downgraded like a commodity. 
  • The concept of marriage was bizarre. Adultery with consent was customary. Prostitution was the norm. 
  • Children were killed in fear of public shame and poverty.

In Religion:

  • The original Islamic teachings of Ismail alayhissalam were ignored and forgotten over time. 
  • Shirk in the form of Idol worshipping was introduced as a ‘good bid’ah‘, a method to taqarrub themselves to Allah, and as their syafa’at. 
  • Those involved with these Shirk, however, believed that they were the best devotees of God.

Come to think about it, aren’t those the exact trials and tribulations (fitnah) the Muslims are facing today?

Prepare yourself to be jolted by the reemergence of similar corrupt components in our time as you dig deeper into the Treasure of Seerah.

Yes, the Devil and his minions never give up their determined mission to prove the inferiority of mankind over thousands of years, no matter how tiring it is for us.

Ar-Rasul SAW and the Sahabas worked hard to establish the divinely guided and just Islamic civilisational systems. Now, are you willing to exhaust yourself to revive those systems, in exchange for Jannah?

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