Qurban time is here: And Once Again, It’s All About Taqwa.

In case we didn’t realise it, the ordain of Qurban is also for the same goal of Taqwa!

We know that we are ordained to fast so that we would attain Taqwa (al-Quran 2:183). In case we didn’t realise it, Qurban (sacrifice) is also for the same goal!

Often we are reminded of this verse from the Quran regarding Taqwa and Qurban:

Neither their flesh reaches Allah nor their blood; it is your piety (Taqwa) that reaches Him.”

al-Quran 22:37

Yet, there is one more Quranic verse that is just as important. It was the story of Qurban by the two sons of Adam alayhissalam. Both were ordered by Allah to offer a sacrifice (Qurban), but only one of the two sacrifices was accepted by Allah!

So what did the brother whose sacrifice was accepted say to his brother whose sacrifice was rejected? 

“Allah accepts offerings ONLY from the God-fearing (Muttaqin).”

al-Quran 5:27

Actually, whether a Qurban we performed is accepted by Allah or not is not the real issue. The real issue is whether we have the will and sincerity to purify our intention, intensify our Taqwa, and pray earnestly so that Allah will accept our ibadah of Qurban.

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