Quranic Quote: Da’wah is about accepting Allah, not about stroking the Daies’ pride!

Termination notice for Daies who undo the cause of Da’wah by preaching hate, prejudice and ill-thoughts of non-Muslims

The glory (‘Izzah) of being Muslims lies in their loving wish for every member of mankind to submit to the divinity of Allah by embracing the deen of Islam.

That is the foundation of Da’wah and Jihad conducted by ar-Rasul and the Sahaba.

It was never about feeling arrogant and heroic by being a Muslim. And certainly it was not about Daies preaching and teaching reverts to be such! 

Many Daies take for granted that, Islamically speaking, they are so good and pure. They are the jihadist. They do not realise they are behaving arrogantly and condescending toward the masses.

 Here’s how arrogant Daies sound:

  • “We are better than them because we are Muslims, the non-Muslims can go to hell.” 
  • “Anyone who isn’t a Muslim is an enemy of Islam! They must have a hidden agenda and hate towards this Deen.”

Egoistic and arrogant Daies seem to echo the hateful voice of Satan when ordered to bow down to Adam:

  • “ I am better than him (Adam)” (Quran, 7:12). 

The truth is Allah hates hateful and arrogant humans, more so Daies who are supposed to invite people to the faith out of love, concern and humility. Da’wah is never about a series of ego trips of Daies imposing and trampling their religious superiority over ignorant folks. Rasulullah wanted us to keep inviting people to Islam, not pushing them away. 

With Daies entrapped in their superiority bubbles, is it any wonder if sooner or later Allah will abandon them and select other people (without the epithet Daies) to replace them as real ambassadors of Islam?

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