It will be an Emotional Day when the White House Offers a Sujood #LetsTalkAboutSovereignty 01

#LetsTalkAboutSovereignty Today, with all the ruling political systems and policies instituted, public discourse on the concept of ‘sovereignty’ seemed to have diminished in rigour. Who is the World's Ultimate Sovereign? Is this something that should matter only to the Muslim Daies and Muslim Leaders?

It will be an Emotional Day when the White House Offers a Sujood #LetsTalkAboutSovereignty 01. World War III is becoming the talk of the town. Yet, the worsening conflict between the US and Iran could just be another stage play about the ideology of world supremacy and sovereignty. 

Emotional Day

To be sure, similar scripts are being played out day in and day out in other countries of the world. The justification for wanting to remain in power is always about serving the people’s interests. Sounds familiar?

No matter how powerful world leaders think they are, there will come a day when even the White House would have to prostrate before the Ultimate Supreme Sovereign of the world. 

And such a day will be a highly emotional one: a day that will surprise the unprepared, pushes the disbelievers into despair, and puts the faces of today’s world leaders down in shame.

It’s the Day of Judgment, foretold in the scripture of every Abrahamic religion.

The world’s leaderships have forgotten — or unwittingly blind-sided — that their reigns are but temporary and conditional upon the way they discharge the vicegerency entrusted to them.

The people, on the other hand, may have subscribed too naively to the idealism of people’s power to realise that the wonderful cause  of championing the interests of the people may actually be manipulated and exploited by self-serving propagandists. The people’s power, thus, may work  for or against the ultimate interests of the people themselves.

The common  people aren’t so aware that the concept of people’s power isn’t  totally foolproof: it’s so vulnerable to exploitation by the propagandists who control their emotions and exploited their desperation.

Today, with all the ruling  political systems and policies instituted, public discourse on the  concept of secular ‘sovereignty’ seems to have diminished in rigour, paving the way for the rise of new questions such as:

  • Should the presence  of Ultimate Sovereignty be removed from the picture under the name of total secularism and modernity? 
  • Should sovereignty be in the hands of the people in a democracy, or in the hands of the head in  a republic, or in the hands of the monarch in a monarchy?
  • Who is the World’s Ultimate Supreme Sovereign? Should this concept be confined only to the Muslim Daies and Muslim Leaders? 

Stay tuned with us for further discussion. In the meantime, what do you think about the matter? Share your thoughts below.

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