COVID-19: Wash Your Hands? ‘Wash’ Your Wealth Too!

If COVID-19 teaches you anything about purification, it is not only about washing your hands, but also on ‘washing’ your wealth too!

Did you know that the word ‘Zakat’ stems from the Arabic word ‘Zakaa’ which means purification?

In Islam, each and every single cent of your wealth is lent to you temporarily by your Sovereign, Allah. The less fortunate are the shareholders of your wealth (Quran 70:24-25), not selfish investors.

Therefore, the basic principle of Islamic economy is alleviating poverty, not personal capital gain. 

Isn’t that amazing?

Sadly, such a concept is non-existent in today’s national economic practices, ruled by global Capitalism, where profit is for the Capitalists’ taking and hoarding in such distant places as the tax haven Cayman’s Islands.

“The craving for (accumulating) worldly gains diverts you, until you reach your graves.” (Quran 102:1-2)

By paying Zakat, you are purifying your wealth, obtaining the blessings from Allah and eradicating poverty from your community.

In today’s pandemic where a lot of people around the world are losing jobs and daily wages — thanks to the failing Capitalist system — isn’t now the time to consider the Zakat or the Islamic economic system as a viable alternative?

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