COVID-19: “Tie Your Camel!”

We may not be able to see a camel wandering around in our city, more so during this period of social distancing, restricted movement, partial or total lockdown (depending on your country).

Ar-Rasul, peace be upon him, once saw a Bedouin left his camel unsecured.

“Why don’t you tie the camel?” ar-Rasul asked.

The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah,” upon which ar-Rasul answered,

Tie your camel, and trust Allah!

This is an advice not to be taken lightly: do tie our camel!

What this advice means is that faith alone isn’t sufficient. Even ar-Rasul did not agree to such a belief. Faith and worldly effort have to be in sync.

Do adhere to medical precautionary measures. Stay at home! Take care of our hygiene. 

And don’t forget to put our faith in Allah and pray to Him that this pandemic will be over soon.

Teach our Mad’us to correct their understanding, too. They need it now more than ever.

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