5 Opportunities for Da’wah We Often Overlook during Qurban

The Qurban is a great opportunity for the Daies to transform themselves.

1. A Way for Us, the Daies, to Return to Our Grassroot Community.

Daies nowadays are so busy engaging in the international arena that they tend to neglect their closest Mad’u, the people of their own neighbourhood. 

Leave your outside playing field and activism for a moment. Mix in with the local teenagers and spoiled brats, the uncles and aunts, and the smokers and bikers, and invite them to help with the Qurban.

2. A Grasp at Our Neighbourhood: The Haves and the Have-Nots.

A great thing about being involved in a local Qurban is that it is a great moment to appreciate the real people around us. 

It is a time for a Daie to identify who is in need of assistance so that he may sacrifice his own belongings to help out. It is also a time for a Daie to identify the local affluents who perform Qurban every year so that the Daie can get them to help the local needy.

3. A Casual Activity for Us to Listen Rather Than to Preach.

Daies often get stuck with the mindset of  ‘this is the only chance to teach them about their religion’. Or particularly during the activity of Qurban, they tend to think that their task of Da’wah is done if they just get themselves occupied with the Qurban committee tasks.

The ironic question is do we allocate enough time to understand them and become a problem- solver for them? Put the religious talk aside and lend our ears to actually feel their pain, their daily challenges and inner struggles. It will be a meaningful chat along with the Qurban, right?

4. It’s the Mosque Open Day!

The day of the Qurban is the rare sight of people enjoying themselves in the compound of the local mosque.

And that is a missing sentiment from our Mad’u today: a sense of merriment, joy and fun to be in the mosque and doing an Ibadah. Please, don’t let that lighthearted feeling of coming to the mosque fade away after Qurban.

5. And Most Importantly, It’s Time for the Daies to Step out of Their Elite Bubble.

Today, especially with the Millenials, we need the down-to-earth and easygoing Daies more than ever; that brand of Daies whom they can befriend and laugh with; the Daies who understand their conflict of identity and their craving for attention and affection; the Daies they can hang out together, and who feel they belong with their group.

The Qurban is a great opportunity for the Daies to transform themselves and become more casual and less aristocratic. 

For heaven and the mercy of Allah aren’t only allocated for the Arabic-wearing preachers and celebrity-like Imams, but also for the frequent major sinners who repent and the prostitute who went out of the way to bring water to a dog in need.

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