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COVID-19: An ‘Alim versus an ‘Abid

Why is it that an ‘Alim (scholar) is said to hold elevated virtuosity compared to an ‘Abid (worshipper)?

During this pandemic, the scholars ordered the Muslims to abstain from any congregational Ibadah in the mosque.

For an ‘Alim, it shows how resilient Islam is; able to produce a sensible response to an existential challenge. A blessing and mercy to the world.

On the other hand, an ‘Abid perceives it as a munkar, a mishap and a threat to the religiosity of the Muslim Ummah.

Right fikrah and knowledge matters.

What makes a great Muslim leader? THE BEST FIKRAH. We enrich Muslim leaders with the right perspectives on Islam and societal issues, with capable leadership.

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