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5 Decent Advocacies Daies Should Offer during this COVID-19 Pandemic

How to help.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has revealed some misunderstanding of our Mad’us. 

It gives rise to several issues that have to be taken care of simultaneously by the Daies.

While, like all of our Mad’us, we are seriously concerned about our personal health, our family and our breadwinner jobs,  we are worried about our Mad’us too.

Will their payroll be affected? How will they survive well? How are our frontline medical teams adapting?

More than that, how will our country’s economy fare? 

Granted that a Daie should be concerned beyond his personal interest. As such, being a public influencer, here are 6 decent things that a Daie could advocate for the good of all during this COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Advocate for a proper religious mindset about COVID-19

Things are getting out of the usual, including the religious practices: now is the time when our Mad’us are relying on the Daies’ voice more than ever. 

Advocate to them the proper mindset a Muslim should have regarding the situation.

Advocate to them that belief in Allah as the ultimate Healer includes undertaking efforts and measures to preserve everyone’s health as well.

Don’t advocate something that is not rationally appropriate to the situation. It may cause unnecessary panic or misunderstanding.

2. Advocate for people to adhere to the professional advice of the health authorities

Due to inadequate knowledge and misguided exhortations, some of our Mad’us may be reluctant to adhere to the directives of the relevant authorities. 

They might put more trust in their religious icons instead.

It will be a great public service if we, the Daies, can step up into helping the authorities by encouraging the Mad’us to obey the authorities’ instructions.

3. Advocate for more micro solutions to the community’s immediate problems

In addition to preaching, how about putting together a thinking hat to seek pragmatic solutions to help those affected by COVID-19?

A number of industries are affected by this pandemic. That translates to the distress of thousands of employees, and thousands more of their family members. 

Look into our community’s challenge and try to provide a local solution. 

Think of the way they could still earn some money for their family while still adhering to the official regulations.

It will be a relief to our Mad’us out there benefitting from our solution.

4. Advocate for people to fill their time with virtuous activities

Some of the countries are in lockdown, while some others imposed restricted movement and social distancing.

Either way, those staying home would have a lot of free time to spend. Call for them to fill it with virtuous activities.

They may study the meaning of the Quran, watch informative documentaries or read some books. 

Suggest some good books that can help them understand the religion better.

5. Advocate for people to express their gratitude to those dealing directly with COVID-19

Those who currently are most deserving of our gratitude and moral support are none other than the medical teams around the globe.

We’ve heard from the news that some of them ended up being infected and having to undergo treatment themselves.

We can imagine the enormous crowd of diagnosed and suspected patients to be handled by them, and how they have to control their emotion and maintain their energy and focus.

We know that some good people prepared meals for them, although they may not have sufficient time to take a break to eat.

Let us the Daies bring to light their sacrifice for the interest of everyone, and let us call people to pray for their health and blessings.

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