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One fine morning, our passion and high spirit of Da’wah suddenly faded out!

To sit or to struggle. That’s the question.

One fine morning, our passion and high spirit of Da’wah suddenly faded out.

We’ve been dedicating hours of our day and night for the cause of Da’wah. We have gone from preaching on the biggest stage in front of thousands to etching our footprints on the trail as we braved into the deepest of the rural areas to spread the words of Allah.

We’ve given our best. Then, one day, we just chose to sit and refused to proceed.

“Why?” they asked. 

Perhaps there were valid excuses. Perhaps, we’re burdened with a lot of other commitments and responsibilities, that we had to put aside the cause of Da’wah. “Other responsibilities are  obligations too, not just Da’wah,” we persuaded our hearts.

Or perhaps, we were just rationalising for convenience. Our feelings were troubling us — our frustration from how bad the situation of the Ummah is, our hopelessness because there is so much to mend in society, or our injured self-esteem because we thought we didn’t do it right —  all of which were subconsciously disguised as ‘I have other real responsibilities in life’.

“You guys go first,” we evaded. So we sat down. We became among those who stay, whom Allah has addressed in the Quran:

“Those who stay — except those with valid excuses — are not equal to those who strive in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives. Allah has elevated in rank those who strive with their wealth and their lives above those who stay behind with valid excuses. Allah has promised each a fine reward.” (4:95)

See, there is an exception for valid excuses! We deliberately highlighted that part alone. But Allah continued:

“But those who strive will receive a MIGHTY reward than others.” (4:95)

The question is on us: which path are we choosing to strive on? To settle down so our life would be a little more convenient and comfortable, or to keep on striving and enduring the hardship, yearning for the great reward from Allah?

Take a break if you must but while you are at it, here’s the stark reality from history to help you choose : The actual path of Da’wah was never ever paved with praises, ease and lovely fragrance! 

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