When a Muslim youth goes agnostic, it’s on us, the Daie.

We, the Daies, have some real self-introspection to do.

Which Muslim mother would not grieve and shed tears to know that the children she bore and raised for years end up frustrated with, even rejecting, the religion.

And here’s to add salt to injury: this phenomenon is getting bigger in numbers by the day.

The challenges surrounding our youth today are so great and overwhelming that their faith is rendered so vulnerable to being compromised.

For a start, they may have an insufficient religious conscience, including some who have attended religious schools.

All the ideological, survival, and identity crises are distressing enough on the young souls. Yet, all they seem to be getting from Da’wah is more stress and pain. The typical Daies seem to be more interested in pre-judging them, confronting them, blaming them, and countering each other, than replenishing their hope for a better tomorrow.

Not to mention the sorry fact that some of the young, may have family problems or even are growing up without a functional family.

Yes, they are growing up in deficit and thirst of love, compassion and understanding. Shouldn’t Dakwah start with addressing this primary need first and foremost?

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