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Almost 200-year-old Masjid Sultan of Singapore starts offering shelter to the homeless.

Praiseworthy move.

Almost 200-year-old Masjid Sultan of Singapore starts offering shelter to the homeless. Here are five reasons why it is a praiseworthy move:

1. The first mosque in Singapore to do so.

Often we dwell on the Prophetic history and preach about how a mosque should become the pulse and centre of the society. Surely, this is one great move in that direction.

2. The project is a joint force with four churches and a temple. 

Maybe it is time we learned about not just the harmonious, but also the constructive coexistence of multiple religions in solving common societal issues.

3. Protection and proper sleeping facilities are provided.

Fans, mattresses, pillows and even free drinking water; they don’t execute this move half-heartedly. We’re helping humans here, so our help should be humane as well, shouldn’t it?

4. The homeless who aren’t  Muslims can also seek shelter there.

Isn’t Islam the mercy for mankind? In the Seerah, even the non-Muslims can seek protection under the Caliphate’s ruling. What more of a couple of nights of shelter from their hardships in the daylight?

5. The move is inspired by the recognition that the mosque also needs to help with the issue of homelessness in Singapore.

We Daies always say ‘Islam is merciful’, ‘Islam offers solution’ and ‘Islam is about love and compassion’. Now it’s time to walk the talk. The time for rhetorical preaching has passed. It is time to prove to society how Islamic leadership can make this world a better place.

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