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Hussain, a 34 year old Muslim convert, helps an elderly lady with her bags at a train station in London, December 5, 2011. Hussain, formerly Jason Thomas, whose family are Christians and originate from the Caribbean, adopted the religion after a troublesome upbringing saw him end up homeless and eventually imprisoned. "I got involved in robbing shops and business people and stealing designer clothes from the West End's expensive shops. My life consisted of waking up in the morning, smoking weed, hanging out on the council estate and doing crime," he said. "But when I was in prison, I thought there must be more to life than just robbing and stealing." Thomas, who now visits socially deprived areas and counsels troubled youths against committing crime, was taken to the Brixton Mosque in South London by his cousin, who introduced him to Islam. Picture taken December 5, 2011. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui (BRITAIN - Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY)

So, what is a genuine Da’wah bil hal?

Be genuine.

A friend once told us this, and what he said changed our perspective on Da’wah bil hal forever:

Da’wah bil hal is actually just another word of being a true Muslim.”

A genuine Da’wah bil hal is not “I will do this good thing in front of people so people would do it as well, and voila! A better world for all.”

A genuine Da’wah bil hal is becoming a true Muslim for the sake of Allah. It’s about maintaining an intimate and strong relationship with Allah in your inner privacy and with people in everyday worldly matters. 

Eventually, people will notice. They will start feeling the true grace of Islam. And that is how Da’wah bil hal comes into practice.

Da’wah bil hal is not about you doing good so that people will follow. 

It is about you becoming good, then people will follow.

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