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“A True Daie, Am I Really?” This is one revealing story by a humble Ustazah.

“This is too much.”

An Ustazah, who is our friend, wrote this piece, and we couldn’t help but burst into tears upon reading it.

Small, in a deep rural

I was invited to give a Maghrib talk in a small mosque.

It was going to be in a deep rural area, about 4 hours of journey to-and-fro.

The Sunna in the path of Da’wah is we (the Daies) go seek our Mad’u. Not we simply wait for them to call for us.

That’s why I was guilt-ridden to refuse the invitation. More so since I was not pre-occupied at the time of the event.

Also, my husband even offered to accompany me, as if giving me his permission wasn’t sufficient.

I told the organizers that I agreed to fill the slot.

“How much?”

Then, they asked me how much do they need to pay me.

This is really my least favoured question.

With total honesty and clarity, I told them that I was only sharing some of the knowledge with which Allah has blessed me.

There will be no charge, I said.

At the day of the event, the organizers passed me an envelope. Just some donation from the mosque, they told me.

I considered that the organizers were simply being generous.

Also, that’s how the common practice goes: we didn’t ask, yet they still give.

It wasn’t until the next day that I opened the envelope. To my surprise, it was a 4-digits bundle of cash!

To me, it was too much for my one-hour slot.

“They were so different from you.”

Immediately, I contacted the organizers. Their reply left me deep in thought.

“No worries, Ustazah. After all, we already budgeted for it .”

“We had our former experiences of looking for religious speakers. They were so different from what we had with you, Ustazah.”

“Those like you, they charged us up to RM3000, RM5000…”

“Even up to RM10,000 for only one slot.”

I was speechless. 

I believe that Da’wah is an obligation to every Muslim.

And it worries me frequently, how huge is this responsibility, what more of the small efforts that I only managed to offer for this cause.

So, what right do I have to charge those who created an opportunity for me to carry out my responsibility?

May Allah grant forgiveness to me, and assist me in carrying this huge responsibility of Da’wah so long as I am still alive.

Ustazah Maznah Daud

(Ustazah Maznah Daud is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Islamic Da’wah Foundation of Malaysia (YADIM). This is an adapted version of her original post in Bahasa here.)

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