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Ever Thought Why Allah Lists the Different Approaches of Da’wah in 16:125?

Segmentation of Da’wah.

The Quranic verse 16:125 is just another typical verse we would hear from a Daie’s preach and reminder. Ever thought why Allah specifically lists the different approaches in this verse?

The common interpretation is that these are the elements of Da’wah; that a Da’wah must be all done with wisdom, using good advice and debate with the Mad’u whenever needed.

If we’re looking from a marketing perspective, this verse can be interpreted to a whole new level. 

Allah is talking about the segmentation of Mad’u. There are at least three different segments of Mad’u, all of which are of different persona, demography and psychography. 

In today’s world orbiting around the big data, Allah has long mentioned the importance of accurate market segmentation so as to deliver the message of Da’wah efficiently.

Look again into the archive of Seerah and we’ll be amazed by how ar-Rasul comprehended different niches and markets of the Sahaba. He even treated the Sahaba differently up to the individual basis.

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(Adapted from “The application of marketing concept in Da’wah” by Abd. Mumin Ab. Ghani)

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