Mass Media and How Tabayyun (Verification) Goes Awfully Wrong When It Comes to the Daies.

“I’m a Daie, so what I know, hear and say must be the truth.” Well, think again.

“I’m a Daie, so what I know, hear and say must be the truth. What more if it is about issues that will harm our Deen.” Well, think again.

Mass Media and How Tabayyun (Verification) Goes Awfully Wrong img

Tabayyun is an Arabic word which means verification or validation of the truthfulness of something.

Here’s how Tabayyun and mass media have gone awfully wrong for the Daies:

1. One-Sided Tabayyun.

Thinking that we have already practised tabayyun by referring to one-sided sources or sources from our preferred sides because we are Daies and we know better.

2. Tabayyun Only If the Source is Considered Fasiq.

Thinking that tabayyun is not needed when the news comes from a Muslim or a Daie, whereas today’s Daies may not be un-Fasiq (righteous) enough to hold themselves from sharing uncertain or complex news.

3. Single-Layer Tabayyun.

Thinking that there is only one way of looking at an issue in the news — i.e our Da’wah way  — whereas it is actually complex and we have to tabayyun with various experts.

4. Tabayyun Only to Refute It.

Practising tabayyun but already prejudiced such that we set prepared with all the presumptions, spins and swings because we want to stick with our pre-determined stance.

5. Tabayyun but Spreading the Scepticism Further.

Practising tabayyun by sharing to hundreds of people with sly disclaimers like “Is this true?”, “If this is true”, “Not sure if it is true but it is worrying” or “May Allah save us.”

6. The Worst: Not Practising Tabayyun at All.

Thinking that any Islamic-related issues that make us angry must be the absolute truth, that news headlines must be true, and that Daies won’t tell uncertain news because they call themselves Daies.

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