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That Moment When Ar-Rasul Became Upset.

Over such a small mistake?

There was one interesting story during ar-Rasul’s time. A well-known one, but that left us wondering.

The Sahabah were having a discussion when one of them left in disappointment.

Where did he go to? He went to report to ar-Rasul. Upon knowing that, ar-Rasul’s face changed. He was upset!

It was Bilal, who felt disheartened by Abu Dzar. Bilal was in disagreement with Abu Dzar but instead of being nicely treated by Abu Dzar, he was ridiculed by him.

“O son of a black woman! You dare to correct me?”

Ar-Rasul then told Abu Dzar, “O Abu Dzar, indeed within you remains the trait of Jahiliyya!”

What was Abu Dzar’s mistake? Why the trait of Jahiliyya? And why was ar-Rasul so concerned?

1. What was Abu Dzar’s mistake?

He played the supremacy card. Abu Dzar was saying that Bilal was inferior and less worthy to correct him due to his social status. Bilal was born into slavery and both of his parents were made into slaves.

2. Why the trait of Jahiliyya

Jahiliyya referred to the state of the Arabs before the advent of Islam. It was when the Arabs practised tribalism; a tribe-centred system of status and power fueled with injustice and uncivilised values. 

In this social system, backing up the tribe came first, even if there were wrongful acts done. 

3. And why was ar-Rasul so concerned?

Ar-Rasul was sent to change the unjust system of life into one which was centred on tawheed.

This included the social system in which group-centred supremacy and ethnocentrism leading to injustice were a fatal virus in maintaining the purity of tawheed, no matter what type of grouping it involved –  tribalism, racism or others.

It is tawheed’s greatest enemy because the core of tawheed is that the attribute and privilege of absolute supremacy and superiority are for Allah alone.

With regard to racism among mankind, the truth is  Allah recognises and affirms the reality of racial diversity which He created and willed it to be a human existential condition. But racial and ethnic diversity is to be embraced by us positively not negatively and destructively. Under no circumstance should such diversity be associated with supremacy and superiority of some races and ethnics over others.

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