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A Hajj Without Riya’ (Showing Off).

Even ar-Rasul made the du’a.

Hajj selfie? Going live on social media? Our family and relatives cheering and congratulating us for performing Hajj? We went for Hajj before already and are now going again so people will become awed of us?

Sufyan ath-Thawri, a Tabi’ al-Tabiin Islamic scholar, was one day invited for a feast with his fellow colleagues. In front of them, the host told his wife,

“Bring us the dish you brought from the second Hajj, not the first one.”

Indeed, his words may seem plain. However, anyone could realise the intended double meaning of it – that it was to convey that he has gone for Hajj twice.

Sufyan said, “Pity this man, due to his words, Allah erased the rewards of both his Hajj.”

Let’s not make our Hajj be an ibadah in vain because of our polluted i’tiqad (intention). Consider that our preparation and journey for Hajj are not easy and effortless. They are exhausting.

Some of us sacrifice a lot of things just to accomplish one single journey of Hajj in our lifetime, although some others may have enough financial resources to go for Umrah or Hajj frequently. 

It is simply unwise to lose after all that is invested in it. 

Let’s remind ourselves of the du’a made by ar-Rasul: “O Allah, (grant me) a Hajj in which there is no showing off (riya’) nor reputation sought (sum’ah).”

(Hadith Hasan, Sunan Ibn Majah, Book 25, Hadith 3002)

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