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Labbayk: Do We Actually Mean What We Pledge?

Absolute submission to Allah.

Labbayk. Our Lord is calling, and we are coming solely for Him. 

Not for any other reasons: fame, display of affluence, respect by people, luxurious vacation, or cleansing of our political image.

Labbayk, we submit to You, oh Allah and we want to remain devoted to you wherever and whenever we are. 

Labbayk, our total submission to You means an end to our sinful acts, lies, dirty business dealings, political intrigue and self-centred life.

Labbayk, we recognise no shirk whatsoever, including the shirk of idolising ourselves, our political masters or the wealth we amass.

Labbayk, our praises and blessings are all Yours alone. We return the Sovereignty to You. You are our only Lord, the One deserving of our absolute obedience. 

Labbayk,  we have been ignorant and arrogant by letting Your Sovereignty be detached and disenchanted from our live system and conduct.

Now, as we return home after Hajj, will our Labbayk become but a collection of our white lies to Allah? Will it remain but a never-to-be-fulfilled pledge to our Lord?

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