UK Media ‘Misrepresented, Generalised, and Associated Islam with Negative Behaviours’.

a recent study by CfMM reported.

Do you know that 59 percent of 10,931 articles published by the UK’s main media outlets from October to December 2018 were found to associate Muslims with negative behaviours?

This figure is one of the key findings of a thorough study done by the Centre for Media Monitoring (CfMM), a project of the Muslim Council of Britain. The findings also revealed that terrorism was the most recurring theme in the media, while over one-third of the findings showed misrepresentations or gross generalisations about the Muslims.

The study was prompted by the fact that 70% of the Muslims across the UK reported that they did experience some form of religion-based prejudice last year (The report can be accessed on the CfMM’s portal, under the Resources menu).

Given this unhealthy state of affair, do you have any idea or practical strategy to help stop or prevent the media’s biased reporting against Islam and Muslims worldwide, or in your country? Is it not the time for the Daies to jump into the news business and propel it in favour of the just interest of the ummah?

(News Source: CfMM)

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