Hajj 2019: Tents of Mina Go Double Storey.

Hajj 2019: Tents of Mina go double storey. A development inspired by the growing number of Pilgrims.

Labbaykallahumma Labbayk! 

The number of pilgrims answering the call of Allah to Mecca has indeed increased tremendously. 

This year, the Saudi Arabian authority is taking a step further to accommodate the pilgrims better. They will construct multi-storey tents for this year’s Hajj sermon of Mina. 

The tents, which are fire-resistant and can easily be wrapped and reconstructed, will also consist of tunnels, logistical support and delivery systems.

The project is one of the 130 initiatives under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030  “Guest of Allah”, launched in May this year. The plan aims at having a qualitative leap in the type and quality of services and facilities for the pilgrims.

The Hajj season of 2018 recorded a massive number of 2.37 million pilgrims (General Authority of Statistics, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). With such a huge number of Muslims gathering in this obligated solidarity of faith, the accommodation technology and infrastructure have to keep developing. 

We should expect the same growth momentum to be exhibited by the pilgrims with regard to their understanding and practice of Islam in their lives. The number of Muslims is growing very fast worldwide, but the big question is how does this numerical strength inspire the Ummah to excel in terms of economic, political and societal progress? Are we on the right track towards Allah’s blessing and mercy? Or hajj is just another ritual?

May Allah grant the pilgrims a well-accepted (mabrur) Hajj. 

(News and Image Source: AAJ NEWS, July 4th, 2019)

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