Eid al-Fitr: ‘New’ Members of the Ummah

May the uplifting school of Ramadan and the convocation of Eid al-Fitr create the new us.

Eid al-Fitr: ‘New’ Members of the Ummah. Today, we are the new graduates of Allah’s school of Ramadan from which our fasting and repentance had lifted the barrier between us and our sovereign Creator, our Munajat had invited the blessing and mercy of Allah upon ourselves, and our Quran recitations and i’tikaf had freed us from the Hellfire.

Today, we are kneeling down before Allah as the alumni from the School of Ramadan which should enable us to be ready to pledge together with all our consciousness and firmness of hearts; that having emancipated and enlightened ourselves thereby we are now new people, ready to bear the responsibility of being a saviour for the ummah and striving towards the revival of Islam.

“Allah has promised those of you who believe and do righteous deeds that He will surely bestow power on them in the land even as He bestowed power on those that preceded them, and that He will firmly establish their religion which He has been pleased to choose for them, and He will replace with security the state of fear that they are in.”

(al-Quran 24:55)

That promise of Allah’s, however, is conditional. Our efforts must not only be solid but also bolstered by great and capable leaders and Daies, whose sole ultimate goal is the heaven of Allah, whose spirits surpass their weariness, and whose mental sharpness transcends those of our nemesis’.

May the uplifting school of Ramadan and the convocation of Eid al-Fitr create the new us, the new leaders and Daies whose main concerns and preoccupations are nothing less than the fate of the ummah.

(Translated and adapted from the Eid al-Fitr sermon by Anis Matta, entitled ‘Zaman ini membutuhkan manusia-manusia baru’ (This age is in dire need of new people) from Dakwatuna.com.)

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Eid al-Fitr: ‘New’ Members of the Ummah

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